User Research

Role: Director


Provide with a wide reaching foundation of user research to educate the development of best in class digital products.

User Diary

Partnering with I oversaw the development of a diary study that recorded the actions and emotions of five people searching for an apartment. The study included daily journal entries, recordings of online and mobile searches and weekly interviews.

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Based on market research that segmented ethnographic and demographic data for I helped develop a series of personas for Personas were aided greatly in the teams design efforts and also provided the customer service and sales teams with a better understanding of’s customers.

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Competitive Analysis

Understanding how users needs are being addressed by competitors is crucial. I have conducted a variety of formal competitive analyses along with usability testing competitive products.

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Moderated User Testing was able to get in-depth insights into how users interacted with their completey redesigned website prior to launch. I lead a series of usability tests during early Beta phases that detected design flaws and flow difficulties. Users faces, voice and screens were recorded during task guided sessions. The learnings from these tests were quickly turned into actionable plans and incorporated into upcoming builds. Several rounds of in person usability testing lead to a much more secure Beta launch in which both analytics and usabilty tests were used to further understand user behavior and improve the user experience.

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Remote User Testing

Through user I’ve been able to conduct hundreds of usability tests that have provided insight into common flows, pain points, bugs and also confirmed the assumption of seamless flows.

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A/B Testing

I played a significant role in developing A/B tests for Simple language treatment changes, changing images and iterating on calls to action gave a lot of quick wins.