Toyota Owners Website

Role: UX Lead


Create a mobile first website for Toyota Owners that leverages existing content and improves usability across all devices.


Prior to creating wireframes I sketched the site sections where the layout or functionality needed significant change. This helped to quickly focus ideas early in the process as well as create a dialog amongst the creative team.

User Testing

By putting users through key flows we discovered that the registration process was presenting challenges to users. This allowed the team to create and test prototypes for an optimized flow.

Information Architecture

Creating user flows was integral to visualizing the architecture of the site. Teams at Saatchi, external vendors as well as teams within Toyota benefitted from a clear visualization of the site flows. The user flows particularly helped to facilitate discussions about needed navigational changes.


I created high fidelity wireframes to educate the creation of templates across multiple breakpoints. The provided both discussion points and blueprints for designers and art directors.


For key interactions I produced high fidelity prototypes in Axure. This included the mobile navigation, the registration form and logged in homepage. Prototypes were crucial to help the client not only visualize but interact with these areas of the site. The team was also able to use these prototypes to gain insights during usability testing.

  • ownersNav


The mobile first approach resulted in a cleaner, easier to navigate experience. Site analytics from the first year paint a compelling picture of success.

• Bounce rate was cut in HALF
• Average time on site increased 3X
• 16% increase in mobile traffic
• 63% increase in mobile account registrations

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