Lifecycle Emails

Role: UX and Design Direction, Designer


One of the main channels that uses to stay connected with it’s users,’s email lifecycle is an important component to driving consistent revenue. With emails originally designed in 2003 was in need of a refresh that was not only better looking but was easier to develop and test.

Wire Frames

In order to communicate layout and changes in content I chose to create Balsamiq wireframes in the initial brainstorming phases of this project. This allowed stakeholders to clearly understand view the modular design concept and latest best practices in content that was being proposed.

Design and Build

Close collaboration with front end developers was crucial for the success of this project. In order to make this product more user friendly and simpler to manage I paired with a front end developer to come up with a modular system to was flexible to reorder. This allowed for the lifecycle emails to provide the right emphasis to the user during key milestones in the lifecycle. Also, having a flexible templating system made it easier for the product owner to quick adjustments to the layout by changing some basic backend logic.